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Block IP address from accessing Laravel application

In many cases we need to block some particular IP address from accessing our website content or application. We can restrict IP in Laravel through a simple piece of code. How to block or restrict any IP address from accessing your Laravel application ? lets see. We can create a Middleware to check the blocked […]

Install Laravel Valet in Ubuntu

The official Laravel Valet development environment is great if you are an Apple user and thanks to Carlos Priego you can now enjoy the same benefits you are an Ubuntu user. Lets see how to install Valet in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Installation is really simple. First, make sure you are running Ubuntu >= 15.04 with […]

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2017 that you should try

Here we are gonna discuss the top 5 PHP frameworks in 2017. According to the TIOBE Index of programming popularity, PHP ranks in the 10th position. As a language that was originally designed for web development, but due to its sudden rise in popularity in the past few years, many programming enthusiasts developed several frameworks […]