Custom ERP software development

Make your organisation Efficient as well as Accountable with our customised ERP development

ERP Service Essentials

Our ERP allows you to optimize your business processes to the full. But we’re not only talking about software - we offer you best-in-class customer support as well.

Our service essentials form a six stage cycle for the best possible support with which we’ll help you to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

From long standing customers needing to optimize software following an organizational change, to companies considering our ERP software and looking for in-depth process analysis, you can step into our services cycle at any point.

Benefits of custom ERP system

The biggest advantage of an ERP system is that all company data is linked. The use of an ERP business management system makes you more effective, flexible and efficient as an organisation. The risk of inconsistent data is minimized, giving you better control over your business processes.

Other benefits of ERP software:

  • The optimum use of production resources
  • Up-to-date inventory information
  • Control of projects and budgets
  • Simple planning and time tracking
  • Competitive sales and purchasing
  • Service management at a high level
  • Simple invoicing

What ERP solutions by Exact can do for you

Our software provides organisations with a wide range of information. Thanks to a single system that supports all processes, the efficiency of and collaboration between employees is improved. With our fully integrated industry-specific solutions, manual operations are automated, giving you maximum flexibility and total control.

The biggest advantages of Exact ERP solutions are:

  • Control of projects and budgets
  • Quality control
  • Extensive reporting options
  • International support
  • Fully integrated with Exact Finance, ERP and HRM
  • Insight anywhere and anytime with Exact apps
  • Use via the private cloud or on-premise

The six components of our service essentials


We start by looking together with you at your current situation. Your needs determine the direction the solution and the implementation approach take. Efficient use of your time is our priority.


Once the solution is clear, we advise you on how the project can come together, ensuring scope, budget and planning are crystal clear. We also advise on possible support once the application management phase is reached.


This is where we turn the plan into a working solution, focusing on maximizing speed and minimizing costs.


We build up a detailed overview of your organization and your software solutions, helping us to assist you quickly and effectively when you face an issue in your daily use of the software. Our services can also be extended with a diverse range of premium support SLAs.


Our focus is on making sure your people are empowered to get the most out of your solutions. There are online, in-company and off-site training possibilities available.


We give proactive advice on how your processes can be optimized for efficiency. This can be via the fine-tuning of existing solutions, or by implementing new functionality. With your organization continually developing and creating new requirements, a new analysis phase can sometimes offer additional value.